Sound Runes of Sirius

A healing method of the New Era

People often ask me:

What makes it so ?

Nothing, and yet...

...if you finally understand that everything in this universe is essentially about vibration,
energy flow and gravity on the one hand and thoughts, ideas and emotions on the other, all this can find its expression in form, color and sound.

Of course this is not necessarily a scientific approach.

And yet...

...if you take a closer look at the two sides mentioned, it is again essentially the same.

In the everything just energy?

If you now look at our universe with the latest technical research equipment, you will notice again and again that what was considered to be solid matter is almost nothing other than nothing.

The core discovered in the smallest physical part in each case is repeatedly unmasked after some time by an even more modern technical device as nothing with an even smaller core.

I am convinced that this development can be continued endlessly.

But what is really discovered: it is more and more energy.
And energy in itself is neither good nor bad - it is simply there, omnipresent so to speak.

Emotions Energy

The same applies to emotions.

They are also energy, pure energy.

As with any form of energy, its direction determines what becomes of it.

So if energy can be targeted, and this is undoubtedly the case both in scientific and shamanic terms, it is up to us where we target on, what we want to change.

Targeted flowing energy is always a change of the status quo.

So even if I can consider alleged or real diseases, grievances and the like as manifestation of energies, I can also move, change and possibly heal them.

The latter evokes a different topic: What is healing?

Who defines what a healed status quo looks like?

Energies balance themselves,

And exactly that in turn - any status quo - is of course subject to a constant, perhaps the only constant in this universe: the Change.

Even patterns, tics, reaction chains that we have acquired in our lives are energies.

And it doesn't matter why or how we got them. It does not even matter whether we have provided for them ourselves or whether they were "given" to us.

Balance is the magic word here.

Energies need to be balanced so that they can flow freely again.

And this is exactly what the World of the Sound Runes of Sirius provides us.

Balancing, weighing, making energies visible so that they can flow freely again.

Symbols, Colors, Sounds and Shapeswhich remove the need for historical, textual and other historical reappraisal of questions of guilt and shame. These questions play no or only a very subordinate role in balancing energies.

Make energies visible, make them tangible, align them with a changed goal and let them flow: Healing.

A healing method of the New Era

Energy Flow

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